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Can I order boxes for a loved one?
Yes – you can sign them up to our flexible subscription service on their behalf. Alternatively, you can send them one of our healthy chef-prepared frozen meals. Simply complete your order with their address – it won’t be a problem that the delivery address is different to your billing address.
Can I choose my recipes in advance?

Yes – once you’ve signed up, you can choose your healthy recipes up to 3 weeks in advance in your upcoming deliveries here.

Not a customer yet? You’ll need to choose your delivery date and recipes for your first box here before you sign up.

How do I pay?

When you placed your first order, you enrolled for weekly deliveries and payment will be automatically taken 4 days before your next delivery date (7 days on from your first box arriving).

You can change your recipes, delivery address, billing details and subscription at any time by logging in to your account here.

Can I order a gift voucher?
Yes – you can order a gift voucher from the Swperbox store here. Please note that as our staff are currently working from home, we cannot send a physical card and instead will email you the gift card.
Can I change the number of recipes I receive or portion size?

Yes – to change the number of people you’re ordering for, log in to your account. and head to My Subscription, then save your selection.

You can change how many recipes you receive either by logging in and choosing additional recipes for a particular delivery, or by changing your Order Preferences here.

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