Easy Recipes For Hassle-free Mealtimes

Our home cooking kits are designed to include maximum flavour with simple and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

All ingredients are Swper fresh, packaged, weighed and labelled for your convenience.

We know that some elements take a long time to cook, our slow roasted pepper Harissa Paste, Mexican Spice Blends and Black Garlic for example, so we make these for you, allowing you to get on with the joy of cooking.

Take the fuss out of midweek cooking, cook times to suit your schedule, no meal takes longer than 45 minutes.

Seasonal Foods At Their Best

Our 6 recipes each week reflect the changing seasons around us. With lighter food in the summer and comfort food in the Autumn and Winter, you’ll never get bored with the new-found variety in your diet.

We use a whole host of ingredients, bringing you the enjoyment of trying and finding a new favourite.

The options each week will transport you to various cuisines around the globe, but as well as our world recipes, we bring you the familiar flavours of modern British cooking and our take on family favourites.

Our recipes draw inspiration from around the world, matching ideas and cuisines with traditional welsh food and seasonal ingredients.

No Contract

We will not tie you into a contract, you are free to leave or pause your recipe subscription at any time, we can even deliver to your Welsh holiday location.

Healthy Recipes Made with Everyone in Mind

Each of our recipes has been designed to include a minimum of 2 of your 5-a-day, and provide nutritionally dense meals for your family

We like to cook with a range of grains and pulses, and understand that a broad and diverse diet is a healthy choice we can all make,

At SwperBox, we want everyone to be able to experience cooking and eating great-tasting food from the comfort of their kitchen, no matter what your dietary requirements.

We understand the options are sometimes limited when it comes to finding gluten free meal delivery services you know you can trust. We are proud to say that many of our recipes are naturally Gluten Free and only use the freshest, organic produce. We make lots of things ourselves fresh each week meaning we do not use artificial preservatives.


Being a Community-interest-company (CIC) means we direct our profits back into the community and environmental action, either directly, through investing in regenerative farming practises, or investing in new advances with plastic alternatives

Through the Lottery Fund we run a community freezer providing high energy and nutritious ready meals with 24hour community access to subsidised meals.

Our kitchen is run off 100% renewable energy, we buy local produce to reduce food miles and packaging used before produce gets to us

Our plant based ‘plastic’ packaging is compostable and certified Carbon Neutral, the WoolCool pouches are reusable and is a by-product of Welsh sheep farming and provides excellent insulation, allowing us to keep your food cool and in top condition during delivery.

Sustainable Food

Sustainability in food is a contentious issue, for us it means promoting biodiversity through using a wide variety of local ingredients.

This also helps lead to a greater food security as farmers are not relying on huge fields of a singular crop.

Regenerative agriculture is farming practises that help to rebuild the soil structure, allowing it to become a carbon capture method, as well as reducing our reliance on Agro-fertilizers through creating a healthier soil.