Quick Meal Delivery Kits

Swperbox is about taking away one of the stresses of modern life, how to source, prepare and cook delicious meals.


The demands of modern life are varied and huge, demands on our time, our attention, our energy, our thoughts, work, children, leisure time, sleep. Adding feeding ourselves into this and we have even more demand for our thoughts, time shopping, planning, researching recipes, honing our skills.

We take the stress out of cooking for you, up to 4 nights a week.

We spend our time curating ideas and honing them down into healthy, delicious and nutritious recipes written especially for you. Then to make it even better we source all the ingredients you will need, and deliver them to your door with precise instructions on the back of our special recipe card.

We also make a lot of ancillary ingredients, some you can find generically in shops like Jerk Marinade, although not all Jerk Marinades have been researched by spending 2 years in a Caribbean kitchen on a 5 star Eco-resort! Then there are some you will not be able to find in a shop at all, like Stinging Nettle Pesto, Cherry Wood Smoked Butter or Star Anise Glaze.

Our recipes take a maximum of 45 minutes to complete, and are written in such a way that you can prep as you go, for instance starting a sauce whilst fritters are softening in a bowl, like with our Mackerel, Spring Green Fritter and Laverbread Sauce (below). 

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