Nam Jim Sxš – The King of Thai Dipping Sauces

Recipes, Serving Suggestions and Culinary Tips for Our Flavwr Range of Swper Tasty Condiments


Green Nam Jim Sxš – We Welcome to the World of Flavwr by Swperbox

Sweet, Sour, Spicy, this Vietnamese Dipping Sauce has it all! Inspired from Stuarts first Kitchen job in New Zealand, Vegan Fish Sauce, Lime and Coriander pair with Chilli, Brown Sugar and Soy Sauce to give this dipping sauce deep Umami Flavwr.

Nam Jim can be used as a dipping sauce, a marinade or a base for a salad dressing, the combination of Sweet, Spicy and Salty allow it to be used across a wide range of cuisines.

Its BBQ Season!! For us that means Nam Jim everywhere… If you’ve not yet tried Nam Jim Sxš, you are in for a treat. Big Herby Coriander Flavours, Zingy Lime Juice, Deep Umami Organic Soy with notes of Chilli and Sweetness.

BBQ’ing some Cray Fish, Prawns or Lobster? Just dip, delicious! Great as a Steak or Aubergine marinade served with a Kale Pesto in a fresh baguette with some rocket leaves. 

Check out the recipes below for some meal inspiration, we make all of our condiments for Our Recipe Boxes with Organic Ingredients and Local Welsh Produce where possible and they are also available in Our Online Shop

Crispy Marinated Tofu Nam Jim, Noodle Salad

Ingredients – 

Tofu – 200g

Soy Sauce – 50ml

Mirin – 25ml

Lime – 1

Red Cabbage – ¼  head

Glass Noodles – 130g

Cucumber – ½ 

Carrot – 2

Lime – 1

Sesame Oil – 20ml

Spring Onion – 2

Basil – 15g

Nigella Seeds – 5g

Nam Jim Sxs – 50ml





Slice your Tofu into 1cm thick slices and marinate in a bowl with your Soy Sauce, Mirin and juice and zest from your Lime

Using a Peeler turn your Cucumber into strips and add to your Nam Jim Sauce

Very finely shred your Red Cabbage, grate your Carrots on the largest setting of a Box Grater, place into a large mixing bowl with 1 tsp Fine Sea Salt and your Nigella Seeds, mix it all together and leave to stand

Boil your Kettle, remove the leaves from your Basil and finely slice them, slice your Spring Onions, separating the Green tops and White bottoms

Add your Sesame Oil, Spring Onion Bottoms and Basil Stems into a frying pan over a high heat until nearly smoking, add your Sliced Tofu and fry for 3 minutes each side

Meanwhile place your Glass Noodles in a large saucepan and cover with Freshly Boiled Water and plenty of Fine Sea Salt, let stand for 3 minutes and drain, stir immediately into your Mixing Bowl

Remove your Cucumber from the Nam Jim Sxs and stir into your Mixing Bowl and combine it all together, this is your Noodle Salad

To serve, place your Noodle Salad evenly onto 2 plates

Top with your Sesame Tofu Slices and spoon your Nam Jim Sxs over the dish

Garnish with your sliced Basil Leaves, Spring Onion Tops – ENJOY!

BBQ’d Shrimp Kebab Wraps with Nam Jim Lettuce

Ingredients –

Wraps – 2

Jumbo Shrimp – 12

Cherry Tomato – 6

Red Pepper – 1

Baby Gem Lettuce – 1

Nam Jim Sxs – 4 tbsp

Bamboo Skewers – 2


Start your BBQ at least 1 hour before you intend to cook

Halve your Tomatoes and chop your Red Pepper into chunks

Make your Kebabs by interspersing Prawn, Tomato and Pepper then rub gently with Vegetable/Sunflower Oil and season with Fine Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Roughly shred your Baby Gem Lettuce and toss in a bowl with your Nam Jim Sxs

Grill your Shrimp Kebabs for 3-4 minutes each side, we are aiming to char to Prawns and leave the Pepper with a bit of bite

Lay your Nam Jim Lettuce on the base of your Wraps then place your Prawn Kebabs on top and remove your Bamboo Skewers and Enjoy!

Carne Asado Steak Sandwich, Kale Pesto, Rocket

Ingredients –

Steaks of your choice x2 (we recommend a nice Aged Welsh Ribeye)

Fresh Baguettes

Kale – 50g

Parmesan – 25g

Pumpkin Seeds – 25g

Rocket – 1 bag

Nam Jim Sxs – 100ml


Start by marinating your Steaks in your Nam Jim Sxs for about 10-15 mins

Make your Kale Pesto, gently toast your Pumpkin Seeds in a dry frying pan, place your Kale, Pumpkin Seeds and Parmesan in a blender, drizzle in 100ml Vegetable/Sunflower Oil pulse until chopped but with a slight bite, taste and adjust the seasoning with Fine Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Heat 2 tbsp Vegetable/Sunflower Oil in your frying pan over a medium heat until nearly smoking, add your Steak and Nam Jim Sxs cook until Rare/Medium-Rare, then remove to a plate to rest

Slice your Baguette and add a layer of Rocket to the bottom

Slice your Steak across the grain and layer on top of your Rocket, followed by your Kale Pesto