Where can you find locally grown food?

Out in West Wales we are pretty lucky with some incredible small farms all around us, even if you didn't know it!


But how do we access it?

  • We know that people are finding it hard to get access to local, fresh, nutritious and healthy food and are concerned about food security.
  • We know that we all want to support Welsh Fishing, Farming and Sustainable Agriculture.
  • We know our customers want to purchase products that have a positive impact on the local economy, environment and community.


We are almost spoilt for choice in the scale of growing going on here, Black Mountain Itals for instance grow some amazing Salad Leaves, Bok Choi, Herbs, Turnips, Heritage Welsh Tomatoes and Greens such as Callaloo, just at the base of the Black Mountain in Brynamman.

We have Glasbren, just outside of Carmarthen, in a small village called Banc Y Felin, they specialise in Farm to Table peasant living, sustainable permaculture, creating their own Compost, growing some beautiful Brassicas, Onions, Garlic, they deliver a local Veg box scheme where for a small fee they bring your reusable wooden boxes into the Nurture Centre in Carmarthen every Friday full of Organic vegetables and ideas for what to make.

At Nurture we are also lucky to host Carmarthen Food (Link to our page on Carmarthen food, on a separate tab), where you can buy from a whole host of suppliers across West Wales, and collect from town on a Thursday, or order for delivery on a Friday.

Swn Y Coed are a local One Planet Development (OPD) which is an initiative here in Wales providing opportunities to live a sustainable life, many people do this off grid selling produce as their job. Swn Y Coed are currently working very closely with us here at Swperbox providing some beautiful Spinach, Welsh Garlic, fresh Coriander Seed

Finally, you can always find locally grown and produced food, combined with fresh and stunning recipes through us here at Swperbox! About 80% of our suppliers are from less than 40 miles away from our Base.

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