Food boxes delivered to your door

One of the greatest pleasures in cooking can be discovering new ingredients, cuisines or recipes that you have not tried before.


Here in West Wales we are blessed with so many great producers and growers, however we are also a very rural and relatively remote bunch of communities spread out over a fairly large area.

Here is where Swperbox steps in. As chefs our passion is being creative and writing new recipes for all you lovely people, we get even more excited because so many people get to try our creations, and not just eat them, but get involved and cook all these different recipes at home.

The benefits of a recipe box scheme are pretty massive, not only do you not need to shop for 4 nights a week, you do not need to think about what to cook, we write 6 new recipes every single week! This equals 312 recipes a year! Our job is to save you time and money, all the while delivering you healthy, nutritious meals and supporting local and regenerative agriculture within Wales.

Since starting this journey we have discovered some pretty exciting ingredients, for instance, Callaloo is being grown in Brynamman, Callaloo is similar to spinach, but hails from West Africa originally, although it travelled over to the Caribbean where it became a staple vegetable in the Caribbean and southern US cooking. We also have high-quality mushroom producers, now it is pretty simple to get incredible Welsh Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms from Hyphae Shroomery in Pembrokeshire, but if you wanted to make a dish with both of these ingredients you would drive an hour each way.

Here is the beauty of Swperbox, we create the recipes, we source the ingredients, we make our own speciality products through years of experience, then we package these ingredients up and send them directly to your door!

You don’t need to be in to receive the box – in fact, 99% of our customers aren’t. Everything will be kept fresh and your box left in your designated safe place.

At checkout you are asked to let us know a “Safe and Dry Place” to store your box if not in, if you have packaging to return just leave it there and we can collect in our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle

Your meat, fish, tofu and other chilled items are actually packed separately from the brown bags, inside an insulated sleeve with the ice packs to keep it cool. Please make sure to unpack this before popping your packaging into the recycling.

View our delicious recipes and start your Swperbox journey today