Affordable Healthy Meal Delivery

We are delivering fresh, exciting and healthy recipes, straight to your door!


Curated by award winning Welsh Chefs, on a weekly basis of 6 new recipes every week, 312 new recipes a year!

Our focus is on zero food waste, health and nutrition, taste, balance and price for you!

On our first week we ran a Grilled Salmon Fillet, Carrot and Lentil Gratin with a Nettle Pesto to finish (below).

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Charging at £14.95 (Before Swperbox discount) for 2 people, the breakdown of the same recipe from a premium supermarket is:

Salmon Fillets – £5.49

Onion – £1.50 pp approximately £0.18 each

Garlic – £0.70

Cooked Lentils – £2

Carrots – £1 – 500g

Kale – £1.65 – 200g

Organic Full milk – £1.15 p/l

Flour – £1.60 p/kg

Tuscan Herb Blend –  Unavailable (Swperbox special Blend) – Italian Herbs – £1.60

Vegetable Stock Cube – £0.20 each – £1.60 pp

Vinegar – £1.70 Aspall Organic White wine

Nettle Pesto – Unavailable (Swperbox own) – Basil Pesto – £2.50

Total – £21

We know that a whole bag of flour does not go into the recipe! However, this is where our zero food waste approach comes into its own, by sending you the exact amount of flour needed in a carbon-neutral plant-based compostable film we are helping you to reduce your food waste, plastic use and cost!

Let’s take that £21 and multiply it by 4 (you can choose up to 4 Swperbox meals a week), giving you a total of £84 per week.

Now we times £84 by 52 giving you a yearly total of £4386

A premium Swperbox meal of £14.95 times by 4, times by 52 is £3109 (-10% swperbox discount) = £2,799

Not only are you potentially saving £1587 a year, but you are also drastically reducing the cost of your food waste, a very average suggestion is UK households waste £250-£400 of the food they purchase every year! Helping you save up to nearly £2,000 every year!

Added into your Swperbox subscription is how you contribute to the Foundational Circular Economy here in Wales. For every £1 invested in local food systems, £3 is reinvested into local economies, an amazing opportunity to boost our Welsh economy for a Healthier, Wealthier and Greener Wales.