Welsh Food Box Delivery Company

Organic recipes chosen by you, delivered by Swperbox

Welcome to Swperbox CIC, we are Wales’ own meal box delivery company. Swperbox was born to combat the long term impact of the coronavirus pandemic here in Wales, creating sustainable careers, investing in community food education and supporting a network of Welsh Food Producers to improve food security.

We create, manufacture and distribute Modern, Exciting and Swper Tasty Meal Boxes across South and West Wales.

We believe in a collaborative approach to tackle some of the Economic and Environmental challenges ahead.

Words and action, not only deliver a great product and service but to help support our customers with access to fresh, nutritious and modern ingredients. Leading us to regenerative food and diet choices that look after our communities and the planet.

Swperbox is the brainchild of Welsh chefs, Alex Cook and Stuart Crichton formerly of Pink Peppercorn Food Co. boasting national awards for their Modern Welsh and World Recipes – such as Welsh Street Food Champions, Best Main Dish at British Street Food Awards, Good Food Awards, Best of Welsh Business Awards, Welsh Start-Up of the Year Awards.


Finding our jobs curtailed in late March 2020 the idea of a Welsh recipe subscription box was born as a way of providing local employment as well as supporting our many hard working small time farms, fishers and food suppliers.

  • We know there are people in our communities who need sustainable jobs, training and food education.
  • We know that people are finding it hard to get access to local, fresh, nutritious and healthy Welsh food and are concerned about food security.
  • We know that we all want to support Welsh Fishing, Farming and Sustainable Agriculture.
  • We know our customers want to purchase products that have a positive impact on the local economy, environment and community.
  • We know that we need to rebuild our nation for a Healthier, Wealthier and Greener Wales.

Eat Well, Live Well

Our mission is to deliver easy recipes that produce nutritious and modern meals consistently at a minimum of two of your five-a-day. Alongside creating organic food boxes that are widely enjoyed by the Welsh people, we aim to generate both economically and environmentally sustainable jobs and supply chains across Wales. Alongside this, we invest in community programs and support local agriculture and diversification with the vision of giving back and helping others to live more sustainably.

“ We are working with you to create a Healthier, Wealthier and Greener Wales…”

Alex Cook


We start off with a combined knowledge of delicious restaurant meals and nutrition. We then turned this into nutritionally dense and most of all tasty recipes utilising seasonal food at the forefront. These healthy recipes are then written up in an easy to understand and follow system before sourcing the ingredients locally as much as possible, transforming these into home cooking kits and personally delivering them each week.

Our Ethics

Locality and seasonality are our guiding principles. Seasonality means we can source our ingredients locally, helping our own economy. Approximately 90% of our ingredients are from the Uk itself, the vast majority of that coming from right here in Wales. This means our organic recipes are fresh, great tasting and packed full of nutrients.

All of our fish is caught in British waters and MSC certified. Our beef is 100% grass fed, our Pork and Chicken are fully free range and outdoor bred and where possible we support heritage breeds such as Welsh Black Cattle

Supporting Local Suppliers

Our suppliers are small family farms or businesses mainly in West Wales, focusing on pioneering new techniques blended with traditional low impact methods of farming and diversification of ingredients produced in Wales. We focus on heritage grains such as Carlin Peas and British grown Quinoa and Lentils in order to vastly reduce our carbon footprint and food miles.

Welsh First

As with the majority of the UK the farming industry is under immense pressure as more people move to the cities for employment and 80% of Welsh land is considered ‘less favourable’ for food production. Swper.Box is concerned with diversification of farming practises and investing in local farms and businesses to improve our sustainable food production leading to a greener and healthier nation.

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Peas Please

The campaign is focused on the health benefits to us as consumers and to the environmental impact of a more vegetable focused diet can have on the planet

We have signed up to the Peas Please campaign which is aimed at increasing our consumption of fruit and vegetables as the average amount we consume is in line with 1970 levels, and lower than at any time since the governments 5-a-day campaign started.

Recycling and Composting

100% of our plastic is Carbon Neutral and either recyclable or home compostable plant based, we make sure to label all our plastics to differentiate them for your convenience. Our meats, fish and dairy products are wrapped in a Wool CoolTM pouch using wool from Welsh sheep farms and a reusable ice pack which we encourage you to return along with your cardboard box that we will collect each week when we drop off your next boxes free of charge.

We understand that the business of recyclable and compostable plastics is constantly evolving with new products emerging all the time, so we will continue to reassess this and provide you with the most sustainable and carbon neutral products as they emerge.